Monday, October 22, 2012

Segmen : 8 things about me

Hye guys... I saw this segment 8 things...same like Miley Cyrus song '7 Things', I decided to join in this segment...who knows I might use this list to make a song just like her...

the header for this segment look awesome, huh? click on the header to view Mr. Moustache's blog..
get ready to see my list..sincere from the bottom of my heart..before I forgot this segment is from 21/10/2012 until 01/11/2012

Eight things about me
  1. already in last semester in UiTM Shah Alam for bachelor of Statistics.
  2. born in Kuala Lumpur, grow (childhood) in Kuantan and now live in Kuala Pilah..
  3. love yellow so much..
  4. the oldest from 5 of our siblings.
  5. sleppy-head especially in class..
  6. when eating time, I will one of the slowest to finish up..
  7. books are my thing.
  8. like to say sorry~~ a lot...
Seven hobbies?? (that's a lot)
  1. watch basketball game (NBA)
  2. Blogging!!!!
  3. read novels...teen novels..
  4. Listen to my MP3 Player 
  5. watch tv
  6. play around with my siblings
  7. twittering!!!
Six things that I hate
  1. smokers
  2. annoying people
  3. frogs
  4. frogs
  5. frogs
  6. and more frogs...
Five Songs That I Like
  1. ALL Back Street Boy's songs (love them since I was 6 years old)
  2. More Than Words
  3. err...this...more than 5
 Four - Favourite film/drama/musical/series
  1. Running Man
  2. To The Beautiful You
  3. How I Met Your Mother
  4. A Series of Unfortunate Event (Movie)
Three favourite food (what?? just 3?? not enough)
  1. Spegetti
  2. Ikan keli (all sort of version)
  3. Laksa
Two wishes
  1. I have my own family (husband and kids)
  2. Go all around the world
One Quote

just do what you love best...


  1. one thing about in english ^_^

    enjoy your segmen--

  2. selamat segmen...speaking woooo...hehe

  3. fuhh...owhh my english ^^. selamat bersegmen

  4. Hpe all your wishes become true

  5. Yeah....setuju dgn Cikgu Ma nyer comment.. hehehe

  6. selamat bersegmen,,,

    suka makan ikan keli juga...^_^

    moga ur wishes comes true... :)

  7. really hope for my wishes come true...

    zie, thanks *blushing*

    miz ruha!!! geng...about ikan keli...thanks2

  8. good luck...selamat bersegmen.... separuh tu ada persamaan ngan remy lah....

  9. ye ke??? wahhhh...hihihihi...

  10. join la jue...pendek2 je...

  11. Selamat bersegmen..nice to know u..

  12. hye Anisa, terima kasih ye join segmen saya.ikan keli mmg sedap, btw your english memang bagus. :)MUET saya hancuss. hahaha

  13. thanks for the compliment... still try to improve =)

  14. assalam ayu datang dari segmen yang sama...heehhe...jom join segmen ayu pulak...


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