Thursday, January 20, 2011

am i forcing myself?

I always ask this to myself, "Am I really forcing myself?"
I do know my own limit but sometimes I don't know about it anymore. One thing that I'm always thinking is,"How to say NO? for the thing that I don't want.."
I do anything to make people all around me happy because I do feel that if I make they happy,I will happy.
I don't mind if no one see my good intention (is it really good intention or are they something that I hide? hmm)
Yes,I admit it..I do hate hypocrite people but sometimes it is necessary to be hypocrite so that no one get hurt. Not in my place to stand for your right. If you dare to do so, you just have to take a high risk and it is very serious issue. The major effect will be that you and your 'enemy' will have long fight you ever had.. My advice is just be professional if you involve in this kind situation.
My dad really upset with me when I told him that I have a big fight with my friend. His advice is,"sometimes we have to let it go.. Be patient,,Don't ever fight with your friend. If your friend had done something wrong, let him/her win"
Can I do it??

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