Friday, November 29, 2013

My Dear Blog

Hey blog.. it's been awhile that I write to too long huh.. sorry for my behavior.. no worries, our friend diary do help me a lot lately.. so I guess I should accompany you for awhile..

So anything interesting happen to me? Let just say, I do great to survive.. My weekend packed because attend my friends wedding.. Don't ask me when will be my time,my dear blog... I will happen soon or later..just wait and see..

To my dear blog,
I will try to keep update to you.. so, don't get jealous with diary,okay..
That's all from me..

From your owner,

Mana Touch N Go

Hi semua. Ini kisah semalam, selepas selesai buat postage di Sunway dengan tangan penuh kiri kanan dengan barang. Nak dipegang nya handphon...

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