Friday, November 09, 2012

Burn 200 Calories Gangnam Style!!

Hye guys.. How are you? not feeling well?

I have something to share with all of you..
(I saw this when I was stalked using NuffnangX)
since we here in Malaysia now always rain because of change monsun season,
so it is recommend to do some exercise

with Gangnam Style!!!

According to American Council on Exercise, the Gangnam-Style dancing really workout
can burn 150-200 calories per half hour that is same like 
you went for aerobic dance or 30 minutes basketball (which I always do during my studies)
single tennis or leisurely cycling.

the secret is the beat do really help a lot,
Watch the video once and you're bound to spring into action, 
imitating those invisible-horse-riding/backward-walking/hey-sexy-lady-lunging motions, 
every time you hear it. 

source Fit Like Us
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