Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dominate Your Fears at Astro Fear Factor House

Hello everyone... Have you heard about Astro Fear Factor House Roadshow? Now Astro corporate with Nuffnang to pick their lucky participant based on their blog post. I would like to try it out.

I remember when I used to watch this show Joe Rogan way back then. I was like "this is creepy..I won't do it.." Let just say I would like to challenge myself if I'll be able to participate in this event. 
When I say the lucky winner, it might turn nightmare but it will be good start as 2012 gonna end soon enough.. There will be 30 nuffnangs able to participate this event.. Can you feel the excitement? I do can feel it.. So, "What your biggest fear and how it affects your life?"  

I'm gonna say, I do have a lot fear of...but most I do afraid of drowning in deep water. I was in swimming class when I was in primary school but after I drown in deep pool, I was not swimming in deep ever..but I do love swimming...but just float my body..that's all I can, I won't miss my swimming class..

I do heard about Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia host by Aaron Aziz.. Who do I might thought is going to win this competition? It's hard to pick who might be the winner.. Let just say, I would like to see Johan Ashaari win this game but it will be more interesting if Elfira Loy, the only girl contestant to win this Feat Factor Malaysia.

“Fear Factor House – 

Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live”

 The dateline to submit this entry is on 5.00pm, 9 December 2012 (Sunday). So, that's it guys...Dare to challenge yourself by joining this event. For more details, please view this website to know more ----> Fear Factor Malaysia


  1. goodluck dear..

    jue pun ingat nak ikut tulis ni..tapi..kikiki my english ..

  2. semoga berjaya..... all the best!

  3. wah taktau plak ada contest ni...apa2 pun selamat melawan ketakutan jika terpilih..

  4. moga berjaya... tak tahu pula ada contest ni... tak cukup dare lah untuk join..


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