Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Possible reason after Year End Sale (local product)

Hi All. Lately I have see a lot of my friendlist in Facebook update their Year End Sale (YES) offer from most of the local product. You also may see that the prices are like insane less than usual and it could be in a bulk.

I will use NIQA Year End Sale as example for the explaination (easy for me to picture the scene). Before I proceed further, I would like to put disclaimer for this post. Eventhough, I am seller for NIQA product but with this post it is just more for sharing in terms of buyer and seller prespective rather than for selling purposes.
Normal price 1 bottle RM20
Normal price 1 bottle RM38
 Why they offer in a bulk for those items? Because of these reasons (stay tune~~)

1. For yearly investment - only spend 1 time and can use it in whole year. Meaning that you will have it ready once you have finish to use the current bottle. As for in 2019, I merely use 3 bottles for NIQA Hijab Wash. I just open the third bottle yesterday. 1 bottle I was using it like 3 months (more or less) and only use it when I want to wash my shawl ans scarf.

2. Buy in bulk more cheaper.
I mean like why bother to spend more when we can share with our friends, right? Yet we can have price much cheaper when we buy it together. Not all the time will get the price cheaper. Besides, share the same postage fee with your family or co-worker.

3. Back to the 1st point, you probably end up give one of your 'yearly' stocks to your family member or friends. Because you have the 'yearly' stock and why not you give it to them. As they also look for it, right?

4. As seller, this is the time will do the restock for ready stock available for them. So that, they can do delivery direct to customer for nearby to the seller. It is part of initative from the seller

Happy shopping for all. Spend wisely and not wasting it, okay?

Saturday, December 28, 2019

You make my day

Hi All. As soon as I come to the office and just want to put my stuff then I saw this sticky note at my table. I try to look around to see who is this kind person give me such good word to me. First thing I see before I look into the emails and stuff.

For sure, I was like this thought in mind, "I bet this person put it yesterday before he or she went back to home.." Then, I was having another thought "Who ever this person is, make his or her day better too"

It is true with good words make others feel better too.

Friday, December 27, 2019


Assalamualaikum sebelum 2019 melabuh tirai, Nisa nak share bila mintak review dari one of the influencer daripada IG. I know her from Matrik. Not so close but yeah know her. Start to follow her IG and it seems that whatever she do, sure menjadi punya.
Jadinya, Nisa tak lepaskan peluang untuk minta dia review one of NIQA punya product. Alhamdulillah, all turn out very well. She give the best review and yet her picture like super flawless. Super grateful to her. After she up her post, banyak yang DM lepas tu.
You may follow her IG @faatinakib - basically she share her journey mother of two children as well as entrepreneur. Ada jugak kisah travel journey dia. Well, she share tips too sometimes in her IG. You will be lucky to learn it.
Boleh juga follow IG business Nisa mainly for NIQA product at @niqanysa
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