Friday, July 28, 2017

Preparation on Share Our Skills

Hi guys!! Today I would like to share on my progress regarding Share Our Skills
that will be handle by my work company.
So what is Share Our Skills means?
 Basically just share any skills that you have,
for example DIY or maybe you good in Excel Miscrosoft.
You need to teach others about it.
I take the opportunity to teach on creating blog.
Why? Because this is that one so close to me and I will be happy to share with others
about my passion and blog that I've been working on since 2009.

I have prepared some slides. I think I need to add more on slides hehehe...
I've been given 1.5 hours to do class.
I prefer it to be practical class as I am not so into theory thing.

So guys, wish me All the Best.
Help me what else I should add on..okay?
Hope to get good feedback, will update after the Share Our Skills (S.O.S)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

#20 Spontaneous Thursday : Sampaikan walau sepotong ayat

Ini dah jadi rutin harian masa lapang kerja ataupun nak dapatkan momentum pagi-pagi,
tambahkan ilmu melalui youtube dengan duration video 4 - 5 minit.
Pada mulanya hanya dengar semata-mata tanpa buat catatan,
tapi tergerak hati nak catat nota selepas dengar salah satu video yang saya tonton.

Setiap kali ada knowledge baru, mula keluar dari mulut "ooooo..." 
tanda ada belajar benda baru.. 
ni pagi tadi punya, sempat amik masa...5 minit je untuk dengar.dan catat..

okay lah nanti nak share, Nisa subscribe channel apa untuk tengok ea..
Korang pulak macam mana?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Maira Arissa and her books

Hi guys, so yes about Maira for today post.
Her new favorite thing - BOOKS.
Every time she see her books, she want us (either me or anyone else) to read it for her.
What I can see, she's prefer to read more pictures rather than story book.
Maybe not yet.
I even read for her, as bed time stories.
Mostly her books are from BigBadWolf - I bought it like RM5 each or even RM3.
From my sister books, just reused back. She's not read it anywhere.
She has plenty of it. Her books bought in MPH, Popular.
I also provide Maira softbook and busybook
(even busy mat - not reading material but develop her skills - recognize shape and so on)
Lucky her, I'm the 'taukeh' of softbooks and busybooks -
I am surely can give what best for her.
Keep on encourage her to love book.
Learn what's in the pictures such as animal, vehicles
and at the same time, show her in 'real' thing. Plus give sound to it.
For example, show car in picture then show it how car in real life. Not to forget "vroom" sound.
You will be impressed how fast they can learn it.
Maira (1 year 3months) can do that in a blink of eyes.
Okay maybe I am too exaggerate but yeah that's about it.
Please try it okay?
If you guys want the books, also can comment or
any wonderful idea to be share please feel free to do so. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My life as private tutor

Hi guys!! Let's write something regarding how my life so far as private tutor. Well...I've been doing it since last year. The year that my life like a roller coaster and I must say, I do proud of what I did..
I realize that it is not very easy to be a teacher, (hey technically I am teacher right?) especially I need to make sure that they achieve something after my class end.

I also found out that be a tutor, I need to be creative like in a way how to attract my student attention. I remember there's one class that I have done like more than 3 ways just to make it very suitable for that student. I cannot make it like super-low or too high level for that kid, especially on first class. More lay-back style for first timer, as soon I know where and how to change style of teaching that suits the student and I am surely confident with outcome later.

The problem for student who is shy and less talk...well...that one I need to do more work and yes for hyperactive student...that one not just work will be more even my energy too. Need to like superman or hulk power hahaha..

If you ask me, should you go for private tutor? Yeah sure why not. Challenge yourself. At least teach them how to make them to have confident with themselves. Both of us (tutor & student) will get the benefit. As tutor - able to identify your strength, patient & time management. Along the way, it is not about making money but once we sign up to teach the student, it is the responsibility that need to be carried out as the best as that you can be. As for student - no need to be shy on make mistake, always ask and ask for help & see progress through out the classes.

That's all from me. Please ignore if I make mistake - grammar or tenses.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Nisa at Stress Management Training

So, yes I was there yesterday hoping to find answers or maybe other people point of view on stress.
Nothing like just listen and do nothing training.
I like when we get to know each other (which sometimes we don't take chance to get to know others),
do sharing about on what to do you think about stress,
what is stress give meaning to you?
why do you stress?

how do you handle stress? which I think most of us have unique ways to handle it.
and surprisingly most of us, like no stress with our job but more on outside of our workplace.
We are more into on money issue, unexpected incidence, heavy traffic something like that.
We agree that it is better to put stress in positive way instead of negative
which later can harm you - mentally, physically and emotionally.
Change to positive way by make a list of what you are thankful of,
get some space of your own, blog what do you like to do and there's a lot of other thing that we can do. But what if your friend said, "I have nothing else today and I am stress about it?"
Well, hopefully not you guys and if you do, feel free talk to me or get connected with anyone that you like.
So how about you guys?
listing on how we handle stress

Maira dan mainannya | Maze Beads

Hi semua, kali ni nak share pasal mainan beli untuk Maira. Untung Maira, ibu dia jual barang mainan dapat dia merasa mainan yang best-best dari ibu dia. Jadinya Nisa picky bila pilih mainan Maira. Itu pun pernah nak beli mainan masak-masak, last-last husband cakap "Tak yah belikan. Nanti last-last periuk kuali kat rumah tu jugak dia main."

Tapi lain pulak kes Maze Beads ni. Pernah bawak Maira pergi kedai toy, entah kenapa Maze Beads yang kebiasaan jual di kedai mainan situ jugak yang dia nak main. Nisa decide hadiahkan Maze Beads untuk dia. Murah pun dah murah. Harga RM27 termasuk postage. Ringan, tak perlu risau kalau jatuh kat kaki Maira. Bawak dalam beg pergi rumah pengasuh pun senang. Sekarang suka betul dia main.

Kalau ada mommies atau kawan atau sedare nak belikan si kecil tersayang, Nisa memang recommend untuk dapatkan ni untuk diaorang. Boleh je email kat Nisa insyaAllah Nisa akan dapatkan untuk korang dengan layanan terbaik.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My weekend for July

Just take quick look on my tight schedule for July - ONLY for weekend,okay?
Invitation for wedding, open house and don't forget responsibility to teach the kids.
On top of it, I try to clear my schedule just to be at my hometown.
Even though, just for one night but that should be enough to be with my mom and siblings..
After I post this picture on my instagram, I have receive another invitation open house.
I try to make it.. I mean for my family to be there.
Fuhh, I feel so blessed with this tight schedule.
July weekend, BRING IT ON!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Segmen Blogwalking Raya 2017

klik sini untuk join
Assalamualaikum dan salam Aidilfitri semua..
Raya kan sebulan, jadi kira valid lagi ni.
Okay kali ni Nisa join segmen ni, dah lama follow Kak Mialiana ni.
Jadi korang pun feel free to join ea..
nanti dah ada full complete list, Nisa pun nak tumpang blogwalking ea kak..
Terima kasih sebab organize segmen ni.
Pada yang singgah blog Nisa ni, jemput la ea.. datang beraya kat blog ni..
hidangan ketupat rendang tu, tak ada la...
tapi hidangan post-post yang Nisa ada ni, boleh la ea..
Salam ukhwah pada yang baru kenal..nanti hai-hai dengan Nisa taw..
Nisa ni tak makan orang haih, makan nasi aje..

Sunday, July 09, 2017

2017 Money Challenge for kids | progress


Sememangnya bila dah ada anak, mesti dah fikirkan ke depan...bukan apa yang dia akan jadi tetapi persediaan untuk mereka. Walaupun Maira baru setahun lebih dan bagi Nisa itu bukan alasan untuk Nisa tidak mulakan sesuatu untuk Maira.

Alhamdulillah untuk quarter 1 & 2 dapat dilaksanakan dengan jayanya dan lepas ni, fokus untuk quarter 3 & 4. Buat masa ni, Nisa buatkan dahulu dan bila Maira dah ready, dia pulak akan take over money challenge ni. Seronok sebenarnya buat ni dan sememangnya ni dah jadi sebahagian hobi Nisa. Boleh kan jadi ni hobi... dan tak mustahil, lepas ni kita up kan sikit amount untuk buat money challenge. InsyaAllah dengan izinNya. Ohh memang sekeras-kerasnya Nisa tak usik hasil money challenge ni. Tidak sama sekali digunakan untuk tujuan lain.

Jangan pandang nilai yang dapat dikumpul tapi effort yang kita berusaha disiplin untuk menabung.

Okay lah.. ibu bapa diluar sana boleh je buat kan untuk anak-anak ea. Jadikan money challenge ni sesuatu yang menyeronokkan.. Selamat mencuba!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Shoe Rack | Lazada

Kali ni nak share Nisa ada beli shoe rack dari Lazada. 
Asalnya Nisa ni jenis tak rajin nak bukak Lazada pun, 
tapi sebab bapak yang rekomen kan untuk Nisa. 
Biasanya apa bapak rekomen, dengan cepatnya Nisa beli tanpa ragu-ragu.

Ada 6 level shoe rack ni. Itu pun banyak space lagi kan?

 Price beli waktu ni tak sampai RM30 and free shipping. 
Dari segi nak tunggu delivery, tak lama pun..order weekend, isnin dah sampai.
Ada 3 kaler..dan kaler grey ni jadi pilihan.
Ada beli extra haritu sebab murah kan, tapi kalau letak 2..jadi banyak pulak.
On-hold dulu lagi satu ni..

Poll #1 : Which one you prefer?

Hi guys.. This time around just want to share you simple poll 
that I have created a few days ago using Toluna.
What is Toluna? I will share you more on that later and let's focus on the findings, okay?

With try and error and I am quite surprise with people voted.
I thought no one will answer my question.

The findings are :
1. Most of them, prefer to do outdoor activity more than go out at mall.
2. The difference in percentage not too wide in gap, so we can say it is just slightly the same.
3. Most of the respondent between age 18 to 34.

I have run another poll and I can't wait to share here at my blog. 
I love my passion with analysis and blog are combining together.

Gentle reminder, all findings are not totally accurate and it is just for simple analytic sharing purposes.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Belajar Kelas Kenal Abjad Bahasa Korea

Assalamualaikum dan hi semuanya.. Alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan untuk belajar kelas kenal abjad Bahasa Korea. Kenapa nak kenal abjad? Bukan nya percakapan harian yang macam dalam drama korea tu.. Itu sebab kan kerana kerja yang melibatkan bahasa korea. Jadinya bukan lah nak kena translate, cuma perlu faham je.. Ada basic pun jadi lah. 

Ada 14 konsonan dan 10 vowel. Nampak lebih sedikit dari Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris tapi kena berlatih jugak untuk bagi mahir. Mana ada orang terer bahasa dalam sehari kn. Bagi Nisa karakter abjad bahasa korea nampak catchy. Ada yang nampak macam orang lidi pun ada. Jakun sekejap jadinya.

Apa lagi Nisa dapat? Tulis nama sendiri dengan apa yang dah belajar hihi.. Hasil tulisan dalam nervous cuba jugak confident. Feel great about it and I feel blessed. 


Thursday, July 06, 2017

Cara Track Perbelanjaan

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua. Hari ni tergerak hati nak berkongsi cara Nisa track perbelanjaan yang Nisa sendiri buat sejak first month bekerja. Suka Nisa nak ingatkan cara Nisa ini manual dan kemungkinan akan lost track juga tinggi tapi Nisa lebih suka cara ni walaupun ramai yang sugesst boleh guna apps. Kenapa? Call me old-fashion tapi rasa kepuasan dengan cara ni.
#1      Financial audit track - bulanan
Jadi kat sini Nisa akan check komitmen yang perlu diuruskan. Ada mention amount yang dibayar, tarikh bayar, bayar menggunakan CDM / online banking/ auto-deduct.
Adanya ni akan nampak dengan lebih jelas.
#2     Financial audit receipt
slip bank, receipt belian

lebih pada online banking receipt
Simpan semua receipt yang ada. Hardcopy dan juga softcopy. Adanya ni, boleh tengok habit perbelanjaan macam mana.. ohh ada jugak transaction untuk business.
Not easy to manage, but I able to do it..lepas ni insyaAllah konsisten teruskan.
Apa saja cara kita nak guna, pucuk pangkal semuanya melibatkan disiplin dan diri kita sendiri.
Pada yang ada pasangan pula, perlu banyak ada meeting kewangan, at least a month.
Tu la Nisa dengan husband selalu buat hehe...Alhamdulillah outcome discussion ada hasil yang baik.
Okaylah cukup sharing ringkas dari Nisa. 
Boleh share post ni, jika rasa ada manfaatnya.
Terima kasih.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Maira picnic

Cerita Ahad lepas bila Maira bosan dah main kat rumah.
Habis satu rumah dipunggah dengan barang mainan dan buku dia.
Last option yang ibu boleh fikirkan, PICNIC!!
Okay apa nak kena ada main picnic ni..hurmm sel-sel otak mula berfungsi.
Nak bagi Maira main ni, ibu pun kena jadi kreatif taw.
Nak tarik minat dia dan Nisa pulak memang terhad kan penggunaan phone depan dia.
Hanya akan 'belanja' tengok video Didi & friends kat youtube kalau dia behave.
Berbalik pada picnic Maira ni. First, ibu kena cari alas tikar atau pelapik.
Lepas tu, keluarkan semua 'kawan-kawan' dia ada..and of course ibu and ayah already invited.
Then, mesti la ada favorite thing dia..FOOD!!!
And volla...jadi picnic untuk Maira.
Ada siapa-siapa nak join Maira picnic ke?
Dah lama tak picnic kat taman...boleh la ada rezeki nanti kita picnic ea Maira.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Bila bab makan, dia....

Hi semua.. Jadi apa cerita anak kesayangan sorang ni? Well, Maira sekarang suka makan..which is good and pleasant.. Tiap kali nampak orang makan, mesti ada cakap "Nak..nak.." sekali dengan angguk yang bersungguh. Ada jugak yang pesan, dia sekarang stage akan cakap nak and kita as parents kena kawal jugak sebab tak semua dia boleh makan. Dia akan cakap "nak" to everything..

Ada satu masa bulan puasa lagi beberapa hari nak raya, time bukak puasa boleh tahan banyak dia makan. Lepas tu, sampai guling-guling sebab perut penuh.. nak naik tangga,baru 2 anak tangga dah mengah..haiyaaa anak..anak... geli hati tengok..
Sejak hari tu, tak bagi banyak dah...berhenti sebelum dia kenyang yang amat..
Itu cerita minggu lepas dan latest raya baru ni, tak mau kita suapnya dia. Nak makan sendiri okay.. Dah besar, nak makan sendiri..

One thing yang Nisa suka dengan Maira, bila ditanya "Maira sedap tak?"
"Sedap,sedap.." dan yuppp dengan angguk bersungguh plus kunyah bersungguh. Bagi Maira makan, rasa seronok je bila masak ke atau suapkan dia.

Dia ikut perangai sape? Of course la Nisa.

Non-stop eating. Yes.
Suka makan. Yes.
Pantang ajak makan. Yes.
Bersungguh makan. Yes.

Nisa rasa syukur untuk ni. Ada geng si kecik bila makan. Thank you Maira.

time ni Maira temankan ibu teringin teppayaki

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