Thursday, July 20, 2017

My life as private tutor

Hi guys!! Let's write something regarding how my life so far as private tutor. Well...I've been doing it since last year. The year that my life like a roller coaster and I must say, I do proud of what I did..
I realize that it is not very easy to be a teacher, (hey technically I am teacher right?) especially I need to make sure that they achieve something after my class end.

I also found out that be a tutor, I need to be creative like in a way how to attract my student attention. I remember there's one class that I have done like more than 3 ways just to make it very suitable for that student. I cannot make it like super-low or too high level for that kid, especially on first class. More lay-back style for first timer, as soon I know where and how to change style of teaching that suits the student and I am surely confident with outcome later.

The problem for student who is shy and less talk...well...that one I need to do more work and yes for hyperactive student...that one not just work will be more even my energy too. Need to like superman or hulk power hahaha..

If you ask me, should you go for private tutor? Yeah sure why not. Challenge yourself. At least teach them how to make them to have confident with themselves. Both of us (tutor & student) will get the benefit. As tutor - able to identify your strength, patient & time management. Along the way, it is not about making money but once we sign up to teach the student, it is the responsibility that need to be carried out as the best as that you can be. As for student - no need to be shy on make mistake, always ask and ask for help & see progress through out the classes.

That's all from me. Please ignore if I make mistake - grammar or tenses.

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