Saturday, July 08, 2017

Poll #1 : Which one you prefer?

Hi guys.. This time around just want to share you simple poll 
that I have created a few days ago using Toluna.
What is Toluna? I will share you more on that later and let's focus on the findings, okay?

With try and error and I am quite surprise with people voted.
I thought no one will answer my question.

The findings are :
1. Most of them, prefer to do outdoor activity more than go out at mall.
2. The difference in percentage not too wide in gap, so we can say it is just slightly the same.
3. Most of the respondent between age 18 to 34.

I have run another poll and I can't wait to share here at my blog. 
I love my passion with analysis and blog are combining together.

Gentle reminder, all findings are not totally accurate and it is just for simple analytic sharing purposes.

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