Thursday, June 23, 2011

OPKIM Program Anak Angkat di Taman UPC (moment)

10 Jun 2011,Jumaat- berkumpul kat Fakulti Pergigian around 8.30pagi tapi aku sampai dlm 7.45pagi..mcm ne leh sampai awal,,hehehe effort sendiri la..ini 1st time event yang student tggu bas datang..a big applause for all of my friends. pukul 9pagi dah naik mana kami pergi? Taman UPC,Ayer Hitam,Batu Pahat. ini jugak 1st time antara jauh dalam johor. dlu g rumah pengetua samura je paling jauh.. dalam bas duduk dengan wani budak aktuari. dh lama kenal dia ni pun,time KPO lagi. so,for this event makin rapat la. bersama2 yg g jgk hanis,dia ni la beriya2 ajak kitaorg g opkim ni. mula2 ada jgk xnk g,tapi dari ddk kat umah,xbuat pe2 baik g jgk kn..ada la singgah kat R&R Pagoh. makan mee rebus kat situ dgn hanis dan wani.. sampai kat Taman UPC dalam pukul 1ptg.. sbb aritu ari jumaat dak lelaki g la solat jumaat,yg pmpn wat hal masing2. start pkl 3ptg start event perasmian.. then,the moment that kami semua nanti2kn..pembahagian ke keluarga angkat. dah la xkenal antara satu sama lain,kalau dpt serumah tu dgn kawan molek sgt la kn...time tu mmg tawakal habis la.. yg rasa kelakar lak..nama aku yg last diaorg announce,mula2 pkr..
"aahh sudah nama aku xde dlm list ke? baik aku balik je"
at last ada jgk...duduk rumah Puan Salmah dgn En.Karim..mula2 tu janggal la jgk kn..ha,lupe lak aku nyer 'adik' angkat yg sama2 join program ni nama dia yati...tu la 1st time jgk aku kenal dia.. dia baik, byk jgk ckp...tapi bila dia dh dgn geng dia,bertambah la byk ckp...
so,dh dpt keluarga angkat tu...mmg janggal sgt2..bila perkenalkan diri,kami decide pggl Puan Salmah tu,MAK...mula2 xbiasa jgk nk pggl..alarh kejap je..malam tu jgk leh adapt... time santai2 tu tanye la pasal latar belakang family mak..baru taw family angkat aku ni,anak2 dia semua boys. nasib time kami datang tu,anak2 dia xde. umur 'adik-beradik' angkat kitaorg; 24tahun,21tahun,14tahun. mak baik sgt.. malam nyer g surau tapi aku tak g..kne tolong kat dapur la (rewang2)..

perghh kat dapur,byk lak citer nyer...mula2 topik pasal menopause(aku pun xperasan),lepas aku ckp "tadi citer menopause skng citer lain..." dan sedar xsedar,citer menopause jadi ending kitaorg nyer perbualan...abis semua org yg kat dapur tu gelakkn kat aku..blushing abis aku time tu..
ada yg satu lg interesting,ada sorg mak cik ni,aku lupe giler nama dia..tpi igt la apperance dia...dia ckp,"aku xle nk amik anak angkat utk kali ni,ko mcm xtaw je anak2 aku ni kn satu kepala...dua2 anak aku lahir 14hb mei" 
terkejut kot aku dgr,then aku angkat la tgn,"mak cik,saya lahir 14hb mei"
"xcaya ke? bak sini i/c ko" makcik tu ckp..
aku bagi la. semua orang terkejut time tu...
"mana leh aku xperasan ada yg lahir 14/5...elok sgt la tu...tiap2 tahun aku ada anak semua lahir 14/5.. 23,22,21..ha,ko melengkapkan la family mak cik..pasni ko ddk dgn mak cik" mak cik tu cakap. abis bertambah riuh dapur tu..aku mmg xle nk lupekn pasal ni..

lepas tu,makan2 dlm dulang..teka makan pe...NASI AMBANG. pernah makan time samura dlu,so xde la pelik sgt. after makan,teruskan program dgn anak2 kat taman,aku amik group darjah 4 sampai 6,(dlm hati aku...baya aslam je..senang la)..sebenarnyer xsenang..aku giler kagum kat family2 yg dapat control anak2 diaorg ni...penat melayan,tapi best la..bersama2 yg group aku sofia dgn izzati(bertambah lagi kawan) ada sorg budak kecik ni nama dia arif, not bad for standard 6 nyer boy...hehehe nasib baik dak kecik..abis event pukul 11malam..mak aku tunggu sampai abis event,terharu betul la time tu..mne x nyer umah jauh dari,balik sama2 la..balik baru jmpe dgn ayah..paginyer ayah kje..malam baru leh jmpe..borak2 sampai pkl 12 lbh...then tdo,,siyes selesa kat umah tu..

Monday, June 06, 2011

one of my essay

Three days ago while I checked on my box full with my school stuff, I saw my English essay when I'm in form 5 and I still keeping it. So, I would like to share what I wrote. It might have a lot of grammar error but I try my best. FYI, the story was not based on my real life experience..

      Every time I see Lucas Richard,the incident that occurred to me two years ago would replay in my mind and it seemed as if it happened only yesterday. Lucas Richard is my brother's best friends. He was the most handsome guy in the school. No! Make it the most handsome guy in the universe. I was attracted to him since the first time, my eyes locked into his eyes. His sparkling green eyes always gave an aura of intelligence. His high cheek bones and thick fair black hair always took my breath away. Everytime, his dazzling smile made my heart melt just like a hot knife cutting through butter. Overall he looked like Brad Pitt to me. It did not take a genius to know that I had crush on him.

      My brother,Alan on the other hand, is not the most encouraging brother in the world. He though that I was wasting my time to have a crush on Lucas. I guess I can not blame him for that reason anyway. You see, I am not what you call an attractive person. I am short, a bit on the thin side and I have a face full of pimples. But the feature that I dislike most about myself is that I am a bit flat-chested. My mother said that it was because I have not matured yet. But hey, I am no dummy, I am already sixteen and yet look as if i were only ten. You could say that my physical features that I am very self-conscious. Well, I am! To hide my flat chest and make it look not to obvious. i would stuff my bra with tissues. At first, I tried it just to see how I looked but eventually,it became an everyday routine.

       It was Saturday afternoon. I was decked out in shorts and a yellow tank top and sunbathing on one of the lawn chairs at our backyard near the swimming pool. Suddenly, I heard the backyard gate open and close. I turned my head and as if by fate, I was looked eye to eye with the man of my dreams. I tried to keep calm but my heart was thumping so fast and hard. Anyway, Alan saw my reaction and he snickered at me. Feeling embarrassed, I got up to go inside the house but I could not keep my eyes off him. As I walked, I did not notice the skateboard on the pavement since i was too engrossed staring at Lucas. My right foot steeped onto the skateboard causing me to lose my balance and fall right into the swimming pool. Alan and Lucas were shocked. The water caused the tissues in my bra to float out onto the surface. It was embarrassing and it was too late to safe it from happen. Lucas and my brother realised what had happened. They laughed so loudly and I felt so humiliated. I wanted to disappear into the pool. They even call me the 'Tissue Girl'. My face was so red. I got out of the pool and went into the house,slamming the door, which caused them to laugh even louder. I could hear their laughter echoing into my room.

      Now, even though it has been two months since it happened, the incident is still fresh in my mind. i have surely learned my lesson, I have stopped stuffing my bra with tissues. Every time I see Lucas,I would run away as fast as I could but never fast enough not to hear him asking me for some tissues.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Characters that I like

Naruto as the main character is one of my favorite. His wish to become Hokage. I like his character that are determination in everything you do, never give up on hopes and dreams. He know what he want in his life in such a young age,it do inspire me. He always help others in danger whether his friends or not. He develops an especially close relationship with Sasuke Uchiha and deep caring affection for Sakura Haruno, two of his fellow ninja in Team 7. I also impress by his will on use his own power and not from the nine-tailed fox power which that he believe bring such a bad impact when he almost hurt his friends when become the 'monster'. He such a playful for most of the time but when it comes about fight,he become serious and more focus about it. As for me, he can be a good role model that his character can be apply in real life.

"I don't go back on my words. That's my way of the ninja!"--Naruto

from left: sanji,zoro,luffy,nami,usopp
 One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who gains elastic abilities after inadvertently eating a cursed fruit, and his diverse crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy explores the ocean in search of the world's ultimate treasure known as the One Piece and to become the next Pirate King. On his journey, Luffy battles a wide variety of villains and makes several friends. Let just say for One Piece, I like Sanji..hehehe Why??? I think his kinda cool person in his character even though he such a womanizer. The most important is he can cook (actually I suppose say about his special powers, right? Heability to employ a fire based kick, called "Diable Jamble" in which he sets his leg on fire by spinning around rapidly, this causes his attacks to be much more powerful ).

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Thing that I collected..

My Collection Album

This albums were collected since I was in high school. When I am not in a mood or in a dream world mode,I would listen to one of those. I was use my own money to buy it (with little help from my dad). I know,maybe some people might say,"Just a waste buy those" or "I think you just download it". Actually I won't mind to buy it because I like to listen to it. I hate most when my brother use it without my permission and in the end,when I want to use it, it is not in a good condition. Urrghhh I was furious about it. How could he do that..and never say sorry? okay, whatever..

Here's most list for "The Most Played"
1. I Promise You (With Everything I Am)
2.The Answer to Our Life
4.Yes I Will
5.Something That I Already Know
6.Treat Me Right
7.Love Will Keep You Up All Night
8.Gotta Find You
9.Who Will I Be
10.Our Time Is Here
11.Fly With Me
12.Before The Storm featuring Miley Cyrus
13.Good Day
14.Just The Girl 
15.Catch Your Wave
16.Say Goodnight
19.Gotta Go My Own Way
20.Wake Up
21.Our Lips Are Sealed
22.Why Not

Sometimes I never listen to these songs with my friends because I know they don't like it. They even say, "Could you change the song??" or "What song is this?" or "Why is it all English song?" To avoid those kind of question,I prefer not listen it with my friend because they more preferable to listen to malay songs. There might some people will ask or think, why do I listen to English songs? Let just say, I was been taught like that since I was a kid. I really glad for what happen even though my English are not so good,like my dad told me.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

duduk rumah...

lepas seminggu busy meeting kat shah alam..ceceh bunyi mcm org berkerjaya kn? xde la sgt just sibuk berpersatuan.. mak aku xbpe suka sgt aku berpersatuan,katanya aku xpandai bahagikan masa...mungkin la kot. setakat ni apa task aku setel baik2 aje,walaupun ada yg last minute... clishe la tu kn... so aku ddk je la kat rumah ni...aku xle simply keluar rumah mcm adik aku (Awie) coz..tah la maybe sbb dia lelaki..
guess what,mmg aku membuta je la petang2 ada la keluar jgk rumah.. kerja utama aku dan Ameer (adik ke-3) cuci longkang... mmg terbaik la...busuk tu xyh ckp la..kekeke~~ mmg busuk pun... yg paling aku x gemar buat mende ni bkn sbb bau nye ke atau kotor ke..x kisah sgt konfirm nnt jumpe KATAK!!!!
katak ni la buat aku hilang 'macho' taw x...ish2...fobia2...kisah nyer masa sekolah dlu la..nk cepat gi sekolah,pakai la kasut cepat..then....paham2 la...rasa geli kat kaki...apa lagi menjerit la aku pagi2 buta...urghh since that day....baling dlu kasut sebelum pakai...tu pengajaran yang aku dapat...sampai skng...
nak citer pasal katak ni mmg la buat selera aku hilang...malas2...nnt2 la aku citer khas utk 'katak'...
siyes kalau korg nk diet,lupe kn je la...baik korg cuci longkang ke, kemas rumah ke...mmg macam lari 10 round padang...hahaha~~ try la sendiri.. xtaw la aku hiperbola je kot...

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