Friday, June 03, 2011

The Thing that I collected..

My Collection Album

This albums were collected since I was in high school. When I am not in a mood or in a dream world mode,I would listen to one of those. I was use my own money to buy it (with little help from my dad). I know,maybe some people might say,"Just a waste buy those" or "I think you just download it". Actually I won't mind to buy it because I like to listen to it. I hate most when my brother use it without my permission and in the end,when I want to use it, it is not in a good condition. Urrghhh I was furious about it. How could he do that..and never say sorry? okay, whatever..

Here's most list for "The Most Played"
1. I Promise You (With Everything I Am)
2.The Answer to Our Life
4.Yes I Will
5.Something That I Already Know
6.Treat Me Right
7.Love Will Keep You Up All Night
8.Gotta Find You
9.Who Will I Be
10.Our Time Is Here
11.Fly With Me
12.Before The Storm featuring Miley Cyrus
13.Good Day
14.Just The Girl 
15.Catch Your Wave
16.Say Goodnight
19.Gotta Go My Own Way
20.Wake Up
21.Our Lips Are Sealed
22.Why Not

Sometimes I never listen to these songs with my friends because I know they don't like it. They even say, "Could you change the song??" or "What song is this?" or "Why is it all English song?" To avoid those kind of question,I prefer not listen it with my friend because they more preferable to listen to malay songs. There might some people will ask or think, why do I listen to English songs? Let just say, I was been taught like that since I was a kid. I really glad for what happen even though my English are not so good,like my dad told me.


  1. english somehow put u into another perspectives rather than ur comfort helps u to reach things out of our own country, though we may seem ungrateful with own language, but nonetheless we may got it all..

  2. I guess so. Anyway, I am enjoy it so much. Somehow,I am learning and have fun at the same time..


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