Wednesday, December 01, 2010

my little sister..

This is my little sister..always be my little sister

Always adore others in her own way

She is such annoying me.. I don't know why..but no matter what I really love her. She act like she is a princess...well I know this is all her imagination. Don't stop her imagination,right? Everyone have to listen to her. Although, she drives me crazy..I still love her smile,laugh, cute funny face and her talkative.. My advice for her would be "You always be my little sister, be a good girl when you grow up.. Be a leader and be nice to other. I always love you with all my heart." 
I wonder how you would be 5 years from now. Are you going to be just like me when I was in elementary school? or you slightly different from me.. I am forward to be apart in your life. I might enjoy 'fight' with you but I know I will never win if I fight with you. 
Songs that you always sing:
  1. "Air pasang dalam..."
  2. "Can mali can.."
  3. Lagu Jangan Nakal ("please..please..please..kamu jangan nakal..")
  4. "apa dalam baju sekuntum bunga cina.."
I always remember the face when sing the songs. I do enjoy it and I can see that you too enjoyed it so much. Love you,tiya.. I know you are a good sister. Love yourself.
from your beloved sister<xoxo> 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This is what I learn a year ago. I was attending a seminar on "How to become assertive"

What do you think assertive?
  1. dare to make decision
  2. the choice in our hand
  3. based on our decision,it helps everyone even yourself
  4. defend our right
  5. make a win-win situation
  6. say what you want to say
It is relevant that assertive means know when to say "yes" or "no" without hurt anyone else

Aku boleh kawal emosi dan diri
Sebut permintaan dengan tegas dan yakin
Ekspress perasaan, keperluan dengan jujur
Respek hak org lain
Tolak permintaan yang tidak munasabah dengan berkata TIDAK
Impak- tingkatkan yakin diri kemahiran komunikasi
Fokus-  say it out,do it

Monday, November 22, 2010

am i do the right thing?

I had been thinking a lot lately. all along what i have fight for my right,is it wrong? i am admit that i don't think wisely and act smartly but... i don't know..
I am confused.. I just want make an hypothesis here.. let just say, my exam grade not good, all for what happen is all my fault.. I know I shouldn't blame my self but if that can make me feel be it..
I also know that we should never regret what we have done in the past and work better for our future. Don't hold the past but we cannot run from the past,right?

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