This is what I learn a year ago. I was attending a seminar on "How to become assertive"

What do you think assertive?
  1. dare to make decision
  2. the choice in our hand
  3. based on our decision,it helps everyone even yourself
  4. defend our right
  5. make a win-win situation
  6. say what you want to say
It is relevant that assertive means know when to say "yes" or "no" without hurt anyone else

Aku boleh kawal emosi dan diri
Sebut permintaan dengan tegas dan yakin
Ekspress perasaan, keperluan dengan jujur
Respek hak org lain
Tolak permintaan yang tidak munasabah dengan berkata TIDAK
Impak- tingkatkan yakin diri kemahiran komunikasi
Fokus-  say it out,do it
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