Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Guardian Of MINOC #GOM2019

Hi everyone. For this entry I will write about event happening at my work place. The event was called Guardian Of MINOC with hashtag #GOM2019 (sounds like there will be more next year huh?)

So basically on this day which we did it 1st May 2019 on Malaysia Labour Day, we can bring our parents to work. We will explain to parents what we are doing and how can we develop with MINOC. We also do Mini Explorace for the parents to learn how we work here in Nielsen.

I was in charge for Reference Data or RD booth. Eventhough that is not my department but I take this as my opportunity to learn and how I can link to my daily job basis. Usually I learn it via online training or slides but with #GOM2019 sure give me knowledge for others department.

I love to hear the feedback from parents that they want their children to contribute more to Nielsen. Some of them feel more blessed that their children have a great place to work.

volunteers involve (yes me too)

handle for RD Booth

Thank you for the opportunity for me to learn and grow here in Nielsen.

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