Thursday, January 30, 2014

#CommonCourtesy | Hashtag twitter from Aiman Azlan

I love to read tweets from Aiman Azlan about #CommonCourtesy
that for me some of us take it not serious.
What is Common Courtesy anyway..based on my understanding,
it's basically what we can do in our daily life that somehow reflect your personality.
In short, Be Nice to Others.
Maybe we do think "Why should we think 
about other people anyway"
but you should remember, what goes around comes around...
and the funny thing about it, we can't remember if we might the same thing or not.

for example, say Thank You and Sorry to strangers
especially you are in public transport. Believe me, by say that you can make that person smile.
It just tiny thing to do but do give big impact to someone.

Smile to other people also can consider common courtesy for me.
It is so hard to see people respond back to smile that I give.
I don't aspect anything..just take 3 seconds to 'throw a smile'
I also heard that some of people have this thought that
if we smile when we are alone, 
it can be consider that we look like crazy and stupid.
I was like, "Whatttt??? Seriously~~"
Ohh come, just ignore those negative thoughts 
I will continue to smile as mush as I want

Do you have any common courtesy that in your mind that
you want it to be can make hashtag #CommonCourtesy
Thanks to Aiman Azlan for this thoughtful topic to be heard.

So,let's start do good manners to live in 
peace and harmony environment.
Make it as your habit and daily routine.

With lots of love from the writer,
ANISA xoxo

Celebrate Birthday Boy | 23rd January 2014

Hey everyone..Today I will make post just for the birthday boy.
We celebrate it with simple dinner at Pizza Hut KLCC.
He came quite late because he had to job need to be done.
But it's okay...VVIP can come later *giggle*

Along dinner time, we gave him our instant birthday card.
Sorry~~ not so fancy card..
but the inside of the card really awesome.
Ohhh too bad I don't have the picture of card. 
Kinda privacy anyway.

It was fun and enjoyable because everyone just chat and cracked a few jokes.
It will be one of the moment that I will cherish it.
That's the best thing about this birthday celebration.

After long and tired day of work, 
be the one that we loved and care
it just...feel amazing.. I would love to be on that day again.

Special wishes to (belated) birthday boy,

Thanks for always be there for me. 
Patient with my stubbornness.
Never give up on me. May you live your life. 
Just be yourself,okay?

Here picture on that day. Credit picture from my friend
(not sure from which phone again heeehee~~) 

*ignore the background inter-frame*
p/s : Love my hangout buddies. Missing one person in this picture =(

Lots of love,
ANISA xoxo

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cerita Lama | Bukit Saga

Hey semua.. Cerita ni dah agak lama tapi tak sampai lagi seminggu. Plan ad hoc (secara spontan) nak daki Bukit Saga. Kami semua berkumpul dalam pukul 10 pagi. Kawan membawa kenalan kepada kenalan jadi banyak kawan baru masa pergi Bukit Saga. Starting point di Taman Bukit Saga dan mula pendakian kami.
Pendakian pada mulanya agak okay, tetapi semasa di bahagian curam saya mula rasa loya dan nak muntah. Jadi saya mengambil keputusan untuk teruskan pendakian untuk buat diri ni dengan sendirinya muntah..Pelik kan.. Akhirnya, sampai di satu perhentian melakukan hajat dan rasa diri lega.

Dah sampai di air terjun, kami semua sangat excited dan terus nak amik gambar di situ. Lama jugak kami di sana, makan lunch dan yang paling kelakar bila ada yang bagi cadangan nak buat Ice Breaking. Walaupun sound silly tapi berjaya menambah kawan-kawan baru.

Picture from Aja

Sepanjang pendakian tu, saya rasa impress dengan aunty and uncle chinese yang sangat rileks daki Bukit Saga tu. Macam dah selalu pergi sana. Saya yang muda ni pun cepat rasa mengah, segan pulak time tu yang muda rasa tak larat.

Lepas ni ingat nak pergi Bukit Tabur..tapi hari tu ada berita ada yang meninggal dunia masa hari kami pergi Bukit Saga. Best jugak pergi aktiviti outdoor ni..

Post with picture | Me & LINE character

Hey everyone.. It's me again for today's update. 
For this time around is going to be just picture with this 
bunch cutie LINE character at Pavillion,KL.
Credit for the pictures to my friends (not sure which phone is it from hhehee~~)
My apologize if pictures of mine look silly to you. 
I love being silly some of the time. 

okay..I look chubby in here..

act cute huh??

From the blog's owner,
Anisa Anuar

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cat Of The Day

Hey guys.. I was just wondering around with my Google+ and saw this cute picture. 
Some of you might have seen it. 

I never have cat as a it will be nice if I have like this cat.
I love that baby reaction, "hey..something is licking me..but wait..hey!!*surprise look*"
I guess this could be new way to wake up our baby
or the cat can be new babysitter.. Silly me~~

The cat do bother that baby to sleep...ohhh how cute..

-just simple post as a start-

ANISA xoxo

Monday, January 20, 2014

Library Coffee Bar | Post from other blog

When I just look at the title, I click it as fast as I can...that's show how enthusiastic I was when I saw it.. Here's the post I was looked at (Click here)

As much as the blogger so excited, so am I... It's one my dream too. I am coffee addict and at the same time love to read  books. I always imagine that I can drink my cappuccino while read books which I always do it at Starbucks for now.

You guys can see how I am so excited about this..and yes, I do put high expectation for this place...and I want to go..hey, maybe I should join if they have clubs or something...and there will be commitment issue later on...but that can be settle later on.

Based on Sally's blog information, it is at the AVENUE K?? Woahhh, this is just not far from my work place..Goshhh, okay...stop be so excited Anisa...sorry guys..I now more look like sugar-junky rather than coffee-lover.. If you guys want to try it too..let's go together then!!

picture from the blog that I was looked at
Very excited girl,
ANISA (^_^) xoxo

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My 2014 Wishlist : Cupboard for myself

Hey everyone...So,what is this about wishlist thing.. I just want to write what do I wish in 2014 and how I would love to fulfill it. I haven't done quite well on fulfill my wishlist frankly.. My wishlist is to have my own cupboard. Since, right now I lived in KL as I am now working around the area. I have an issue where my clothes not being assemble in a good way.. It is good for me but just the space look so untidy.

So, what kind of cupboard do I want? Let see...
First, I want everything can be assemble in the most tidy that it can be. Then, if there is mirror at the door; it will be just nice. I can look myself in mirror, although I am not fancy to look at the mirror anyway.
I don't want too big -  just perfectly enough for myself. If I have big cupboard,trust me I will buy tonnes of clothes just to make it no empty space left. Material of the cupboard- not to heavy type because it will be difficult if I have to lift it by myself. One thing I believe, this is quite impossible to fulfill it. Design - just make it simple and plain will be enough for me. As for my budget...I haven't thought it yet..but with advice from my friends, I must have at least RM300 for starting,if I want to buy based on features that I want..

Where I want to buy.. I need to have suggestion for that.. On my mind, I'm just think IKEA would be my perfect place to start my search for it.. Now the thing I going to succeed to have my own cupboard.. Wish me luck then.. If you guys have some ideas or thoughts on what should I look to buy it, mind to leave comments here.. I will be happy to read it..  

picture from Google
My First Wishlist on 2014,
ANISA (^_^) xoxo

Dah lama tak join segmen dan giveaway

Hey semua.. Hari ni baru ada kesempatan nak buat blog-walking.. Rindu jugak la dengan aktiviti ni.. Tengok dah makin ramai blog yang cantik, isi pun dah best...wahhhh!! I missed a lot of it huh? Lepas tu tengok banyak jugak segmen dan giveaway yang awesome.. Lega jugak di hati tak ada yang ajak...ehhh bukan ayat touching okay...just kan dah lama tak menjenguk, kalau yang ajak segmen tak ke terkilan
"penat aku mengajak...tapi dia tak join..."

waaaaa~~ ayat retis pulak kan...hahaha...tengok la..kalau lepas ni ada kelapangan ke apa ke...tapi macam nak buat blog ni lebih kepada penulisan peribadi...kot ada la rasa nak join lepas ni tak pasti la kan...saya mungkin la join...tengok masa dan keadaan.. kang kata dah tak nak join langsung..pastu gi pulak join...jadi cakap serupa tarak bikin wooo~~

tapi serious tabik kat blogger yang rajin buat segmen dan join segmen *gaya tabik hormat* susah nak ada konsisten untuk join semua tu..okay, tu je la dari saya..nanti panjang berjela menulis kang ke laut pulak jadinya..

"kat blog dah tulis tak nak join segmen, ni awat gi join.."
 -gambar hiasan-
Ikhlas dari hati empunya blog,
ANISA (^_^) xoxo

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gambar tak jadi : Posing dengan poster Justin Bieber

Amik kau tajuk guwa arini.. Saje je nak menggedik bergambar dengan standee Justin Bieber ni.. tengah tak de orang kan..tapi hamik kau semua tak jadi daaa~~
Nampak sgt tak photo-gedik kn..haha anyway, thanks to my partner in crime tengok sama2, layan sama2 citer ni..

Terima la gambar tak pandai posing ni yea...serious guwa nampak awkward dalam gambar.. tak kisah la janji enjoy time tu..

P/s: tak update satu lagi movie..nnt la nak citer kat blog..

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Justin Bieber's Believe Movie

At last, I manage to watch Justin Bieber's movie. Others might laugh at it but I don't care.. This movie really look deep into his life, his music.. I really feel so inspirational with him. When he said, when people want to see him down... It does show how world can be brutal to someone..
There are some emotional part when Avalana Routh is in the footage..Yeahh..I did cried..
This movie also have his concert tour moment. We actually do sing along in the cinema..It seems we were there too.. Most of the audience in the cinema frankly..
After look at his movie, I believe when he said he want to is gjood for be away from the madness of the media..I hope it just for temporary resting.. I enjoy listen to his song..
To Justin,
Keep on make song that can give inspirational to us..Hope to hear good news from you. Thank you for this 'believe' which really means a lot to us as your fan..
From your just a fan,

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