Monday, January 20, 2014

Library Coffee Bar | Post from other blog

When I just look at the title, I click it as fast as I can...that's show how enthusiastic I was when I saw it.. Here's the post I was looked at (Click here)

As much as the blogger so excited, so am I... It's one my dream too. I am coffee addict and at the same time love to read  books. I always imagine that I can drink my cappuccino while read books which I always do it at Starbucks for now.

You guys can see how I am so excited about this..and yes, I do put high expectation for this place...and I want to go..hey, maybe I should join if they have clubs or something...and there will be commitment issue later on...but that can be settle later on.

Based on Sally's blog information, it is at the AVENUE K?? Woahhh, this is just not far from my work place..Goshhh, okay...stop be so excited Anisa...sorry guys..I now more look like sugar-junky rather than coffee-lover.. If you guys want to try it too..let's go together then!!

picture from the blog that I was looked at
Very excited girl,
ANISA (^_^) xoxo
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