Sunday, January 19, 2014

My 2014 Wishlist : Cupboard for myself

Hey everyone...So,what is this about wishlist thing.. I just want to write what do I wish in 2014 and how I would love to fulfill it. I haven't done quite well on fulfill my wishlist frankly.. My wishlist is to have my own cupboard. Since, right now I lived in KL as I am now working around the area. I have an issue where my clothes not being assemble in a good way.. It is good for me but just the space look so untidy.

So, what kind of cupboard do I want? Let see...
First, I want everything can be assemble in the most tidy that it can be. Then, if there is mirror at the door; it will be just nice. I can look myself in mirror, although I am not fancy to look at the mirror anyway.
I don't want too big -  just perfectly enough for myself. If I have big cupboard,trust me I will buy tonnes of clothes just to make it no empty space left. Material of the cupboard- not to heavy type because it will be difficult if I have to lift it by myself. One thing I believe, this is quite impossible to fulfill it. Design - just make it simple and plain will be enough for me. As for my budget...I haven't thought it yet..but with advice from my friends, I must have at least RM300 for starting,if I want to buy based on features that I want..

Where I want to buy.. I need to have suggestion for that.. On my mind, I'm just think IKEA would be my perfect place to start my search for it.. Now the thing I going to succeed to have my own cupboard.. Wish me luck then.. If you guys have some ideas or thoughts on what should I look to buy it, mind to leave comments here.. I will be happy to read it..  

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My First Wishlist on 2014,
ANISA (^_^) xoxo
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