Thursday, January 30, 2014

#CommonCourtesy | Hashtag twitter from Aiman Azlan

I love to read tweets from Aiman Azlan about #CommonCourtesy
that for me some of us take it not serious.
What is Common Courtesy anyway..based on my understanding,
it's basically what we can do in our daily life that somehow reflect your personality.
In short, Be Nice to Others.
Maybe we do think "Why should we think 
about other people anyway"
but you should remember, what goes around comes around...
and the funny thing about it, we can't remember if we might the same thing or not.

for example, say Thank You and Sorry to strangers
especially you are in public transport. Believe me, by say that you can make that person smile.
It just tiny thing to do but do give big impact to someone.

Smile to other people also can consider common courtesy for me.
It is so hard to see people respond back to smile that I give.
I don't aspect anything..just take 3 seconds to 'throw a smile'
I also heard that some of people have this thought that
if we smile when we are alone, 
it can be consider that we look like crazy and stupid.
I was like, "Whatttt??? Seriously~~"
Ohh come, just ignore those negative thoughts 
I will continue to smile as mush as I want

Do you have any common courtesy that in your mind that
you want it to be can make hashtag #CommonCourtesy
Thanks to Aiman Azlan for this thoughtful topic to be heard.

So,let's start do good manners to live in 
peace and harmony environment.
Make it as your habit and daily routine.

With lots of love from the writer,
ANISA xoxo

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