Friday, July 28, 2017

Preparation on Share Our Skills

Hi guys!! Today I would like to share on my progress regarding Share Our Skills
that will be handle by my work company.
So what is Share Our Skills means?
 Basically just share any skills that you have,
for example DIY or maybe you good in Excel Miscrosoft.
You need to teach others about it.
I take the opportunity to teach on creating blog.
Why? Because this is that one so close to me and I will be happy to share with others
about my passion and blog that I've been working on since 2009.

I have prepared some slides. I think I need to add more on slides hehehe...
I've been given 1.5 hours to do class.
I prefer it to be practical class as I am not so into theory thing.

So guys, wish me All the Best.
Help me what else I should add on..okay?
Hope to get good feedback, will update after the Share Our Skills (S.O.S)

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