Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Google Extension : Take A Break By Eye Care Plus (Tutorial)

Hi guys!! I'm here to share something that I found in Google Extension quite helpful to me, especially when my work task mostly I will sit in front of the screen. Frankly speaking (or writing), I am tend to forgot to take a break from it. I will take short break when my eyes started to feel pain which is not good for my health. So, I search for tools to help me by remind me for just go away or do something else like take a walk or even stretch up a bit.
Like this one,


Cool right? I understand when we are so immerse with our work and sometimes we even forget to go to toilet. You will realize by the end of the day, "Goshhh, I don't even go to toilet today."
Let me share you how to have this. First thing, you need to have Google Chrome. This only applicable to Google Chrome.
Then, go on top right (below Close X), look for more tools -> extension.
Search for "Take A Break By Eye Care Plus" click it and you are ready to use it.

The setting part, you can customize how you want it. You also can follow as default setting, but for me I go for customize setting. I know myself better, should I right? Okay let's get to the setting.
that's how I setting up. Every 1 hour, it will give reminder.
notification type - this thing is the key why it keep pop out at my screen
And now, give it try and see the difference. For me, yes there is good change. So, if you work with me and see me suddenly get up from my chair and stretch up, this Take A Break just remind me to do so (well, technically there's no pop out for get up from chair, but I choose to do so)

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