Monday, August 21, 2017

100L Large Oxford Cloth Dual Opening Foldable Spring Blossom | Lazada

Hi guys.. My online shopping review is back.
This time around I use Shopback apps - search for Lazada.
I was looking for storage for my daily shirt to be kept.
I was hoping to find it in Lazada.
After I find this, I directly order and this time
I was using Cash on Delivery, for the first time.
I got the parcel 2 days after I make the order.
For me, still consider early but the delivery guy said, "usually can get early than that..."
After I do the payment, and yes I am ready for my parcel.
after get the parcel from delivery guy

as soon as I open it
I was like woahhhh, beyond my expectations from what I've been see at the picture.
I asked my husband, "Can you guess how much is this?"
and he boldly said, "RM50"
I was giggled to his answer, "It was below than that.. the price is below RM25"
Right away I put our clothes in the storage...ohh before that, my daughter
try to be in that storage and she understand very quickly that is not her toy.
Since I mention that I use shopback apps to buy this, and I do receive cash back from
amount of what I have purchase. How cool is that, right?
If I want to buy again, I know where to find it...hehehe...
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