Friday, August 04, 2017

Books to giveaway

Hi guys!! It's good to write again and yes this time around I'm volunteer myself to be part of it.
I'm so ecstatic about it and my friend also get the vibe.
After I read this post, I start to flash back all the books that I already finish to read it and have no intention to read it again hahaha...
but some of the books I'm not giving because they have sentimental value to me.
In the student list, some of the books make other people to question it.
Not suitable for them to read it.. I also a bit shocked with their request.
So, all of us decide - give books that they can read it.
My waited list, 2 schools are now in line for me to giveaway my books plus with my friend.
If you guys want to volunteer give away your book, sure why not.
Audience : secondary student (Form 1 - 5)
Any time of language books - Malay, English even Mandarin.
p/s : one of the FB community that very active even I try to keep up with them.
KL Book Appreciation Club.
post from KLBAC

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