Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Maira Arissa and her books

Hi guys, so yes about Maira for today post.
Her new favorite thing - BOOKS.
Every time she see her books, she want us (either me or anyone else) to read it for her.
What I can see, she's prefer to read more pictures rather than story book.
Maybe not yet.
I even read for her, as bed time stories.
Mostly her books are from BigBadWolf - I bought it like RM5 each or even RM3.
From my sister books, just reused back. She's not read it anywhere.
She has plenty of it. Her books bought in MPH, Popular.
I also provide Maira softbook and busybook
(even busy mat - not reading material but develop her skills - recognize shape and so on)
Lucky her, I'm the 'taukeh' of softbooks and busybooks -
I am surely can give what best for her.
Keep on encourage her to love book.
Learn what's in the pictures such as animal, vehicles
and at the same time, show her in 'real' thing. Plus give sound to it.
For example, show car in picture then show it how car in real life. Not to forget "vroom" sound.
You will be impressed how fast they can learn it.
Maira (1 year 3months) can do that in a blink of eyes.
Okay maybe I am too exaggerate but yeah that's about it.
Please try it okay?
If you guys want the books, also can comment or
any wonderful idea to be share please feel free to do so. 

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