Friday, July 14, 2017

Nisa at Stress Management Training

So, yes I was there yesterday hoping to find answers or maybe other people point of view on stress.
Nothing like just listen and do nothing training.
I like when we get to know each other (which sometimes we don't take chance to get to know others),
do sharing about on what to do you think about stress,
what is stress give meaning to you?
why do you stress?

how do you handle stress? which I think most of us have unique ways to handle it.
and surprisingly most of us, like no stress with our job but more on outside of our workplace.
We are more into on money issue, unexpected incidence, heavy traffic something like that.
We agree that it is better to put stress in positive way instead of negative
which later can harm you - mentally, physically and emotionally.
Change to positive way by make a list of what you are thankful of,
get some space of your own, blog what do you like to do and there's a lot of other thing that we can do. But what if your friend said, "I have nothing else today and I am stress about it?"
Well, hopefully not you guys and if you do, feel free talk to me or get connected with anyone that you like.
So how about you guys?
listing on how we handle stress

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