Friday, November 09, 2012

Starbucks Square Launches

Hello everyone. I found this when I read at NuffnangX. New apps about Starbucks become the newest way to pay at Starbucks US Outlet around 7000 branches. It is almost the same like QR code or old scanner. 

Quick sneak peak :  It is started 2009 when Square first offer minimal credit card reader and by just plug into the headphone jack of the iPhone. Square also have wallet app that can directly link to a credit card or debit card so no need to use cash or waste more plastic bags onwards.

The coolest part of Square for paying is "open a tab" by  Tap the store or restaurant in the app before you even show up, and your name and your photo pop up on their Square-enabled register. You go in and place your order. They see it’s you from your picture and charge your account. You never hand them or scan anything out of your pocket at all. Easy huh??

read more on Wired

"you might think you won't use it, but you will"


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