Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twitter SMS

Hello everyone..Have you heard about Twitter SMS?

I have been used this for long time. Prefer to use this for twitter rather than Facebook.
Thanks to friend, the one who introduce this to me..
I used Maxis tweet2me, read MORE for details.
RM1 per week. If you want to ask me out by this, I also know just like SMS.

You guys can update or even have conversation with me.
The weakness using this, others won't know which tweet are you tweet about..
for this matter you need to RT after you tweet something.

You can setting that you will received retweet, mention etc.
Other setting like time limit received an update and whose update you prefer to have.

p/s: sorry guys, I don't have this whatsapp thing.. 
This sure enough for me.. I can't sign in on facebook for..I don't know how long..
sorry guys..


  1. I don't always use twitter .. just Facebook..

  2. whatsapp ni baru tau beberapa minggu lepas apakah ia..memg x follow teknologi..haha

  3. jarang buka tweet..hehehe

  4. hai dear.. sue bw here.. minta tolong sgt2 klik button G+1 kat akhir entry ni.. lepas tu tinggalkan komen senang sue nak attack.. :) terima kasih sgt2 ^^

  5. twitter tarak..... whatsappp pun tarak.... fb pun nyawa2 ikan....hu3

  6. jap2.. facebook ada masalah agaknya sekarang ni sebab susah nak loading kan

  7. singgah..

  8. x pernah dgr plak twitter SMS

  9. cukup ngan watsapp jew..kikii

  10. twitter x brp nk aktif sgt dik!

  11. twitter hnya tuk ping entry saja...haha

  12. tak tahu pula pasal ni... haha.. duduk dalam gua betul...


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