Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Are you in the circle?

Hello everyone.. Just want to share something..
Have you heard about Google+?
For me Google+ is like combination of facebook+subscribe+yahoo

well since I'm active in blogging, another medium for me is

what so special be apart of circle anyway..
for example you have blog, every post that you shared using Google+
everyone in your cirlce will get your post automatically..

for example like this

 you will get the notification..and you can just blog-walking with it..
Awesome right? I just give you this suggestion if you want to find another medium to blog-walking.

What I like the most about this, I can interact with blogger directly..
which I do it almost everyday..
I know boni kacak and Nasir Bravo from google+


  1. thanks sharing the info. mine have circle :)

  2. nice knowing u, tq sharing this info, masih blur dengan google plus

  3. gd info dik!

  4. remy pun ada circle jugak....... jom G+ ngan remy....he3

  5. owh.. google+ ade function macam tu ke? baru tau.. waah.. thanx sharing info ni =)

  6. tak sangka kan..daripada situ kita boleh jadi kawan. hehehe..

  7. salam kenal...

    PM ada gak google plus tuh, tapi tak berapa nak aktif...huhu

  8. hehe syok jugak masuk2 dalam bulatan ni...

  9. belum bercircle lagi... sebab tak tahu untuk tujuan apa... tercicir rupanya... -_-


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