Saturday, November 10, 2012

What do you think? (6 pictures)

Hye guys...Just want to share some funny facts
that you might end up nodding to yourself without you even noticed it.

This is always happen to me. how about you?

3 things that can 'spoil' your day in a blink

happen to me before, I will definitely make face..
take note guys..especially when the question need me to think or open book to find the answer.

when life and math combine together.. get the equation
2 Life = Happy+sad

even I'm math student, I also wonder about this

it is true... 


NoEn said...


Fendy said...

internet slow....

miz ruha said...


Hatimi Tahirruddin said...

semua dah mcm betul kecuali gambar yg last tu..hehe

Anonymous said...

betul semua yang disenaraikan ni.

ni bukan spam, macamana nak contact admin blog ni, nak
bincang tentang sticky post berbayar. kalau berminat hubungi

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