Thursday, November 01, 2012

New Thing I discover on Facebook TODAY!!

Hello everyone.. Today, I'm write a lot of new posts..
because I already submit my full draft report to my supervisor.

So, I just wondering around into my facebook profile
then...I discover this

new facebook message interface..

for me, it is more convenient...where I can simply see all the messages anyone that I know
(on the left side of the bar)

then, I can have conversation with my friends in the middle..
and at the right side I can see the sponsor ads..
Maybe some of you think, why do you need to fit all of it at one place..
In my opinion, much easier rather than need to open lots of new tabs or windows..

what about you, love it or just like the original one?


Fendy said...

absolutely true...easy..

Mia Liana said...

yuppp.... perfectly..

ayut said...

slalu bkak by phone jer..tak perasan perubahan ni..huhuhu..nnt tgk la :)

miz ruha said...

masa buka kat laptop adik ari tu, perasan gak.. ingatkan kat laptop adik cam gitu...
bila buka mesej kat laptop sendiri, betul rupanya cam gitu..
lebih senang.. tak payah back to mesej untuk baca mesej orang lain...

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