Friday, November 02, 2012

WINNER #PSYWetButt dance video

Hello everyone.. Just now, I receive good news from Mnet (google +)

that's my google+ account well I do active google+ recently because of blogging
so, I was just try do as what Mnet told..

I was so thrilled that I was listed as winner.
I won PSY's 6th album..
I just give a try, beside nothing else to do..hahaha..
what this PSY's Wet Butt Dance Video is all about..

what to do PSY.. obviously your butt wet but...
no worries because you have hit song plus hit video already..


  1. tahniah ye !

  2. apakah...tidak faham kok..

  3. tq KA...

    Fendy, group kat google+, Mnet buat contest pasal PSY..yg you-tube tu...apa yg PSY Wet butt tu..

  4. tahniah! ^_^
    active betul nisa..

  5. he3..... nampak kebasahan tu......


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