Monday, November 05, 2012

Tomorrow English Paper

Hello everyone.. Tomorrow is English Paper for SPM and because of it,
I would like to share what I wrote during my SPM time for the essay part.

Write a story ending with:

“I had no idea it would end this way! “

I saw him walking toward me when I was at the cyber café. This guy who really adored me was Dustin Davidson. He was the most handsome guy in the school. No! Make it the most handsome guy in the universe. I was attracted to him since the first time, my eyes locked into his eyes. His sparkling green eyes always gave an aura of intelligence. His high cheekbones and thick fair black hair always took my breath away. Every time, his dazzling smile made my heart melt just like a hot knife cutting through butter. Overall, he looked like Brad Pitt to me.

The only one who knew about this feeling of mine was my best friend, Liz. She was a very encouraging friend to me. She even helped me hooked up with Dustin. I was just speechless of her encouragement. I was the girl who only focused on my studies and my social life was not exciting .Well, I lived in an educated family with all my siblings studying overseas. My mom wanted me not to miss that part of life. Dustin, he was one of the top guys in the girls’ list who was a must-go-date with. His popularity started when he scored a lot of baskets for his basketball team. But most importantly, he was the Captain of the Tiger basketball team.

One day, the Tiger Team had a big game with West High Team. He played brilliantly ─ with great jump shots, dunks and assists. I also liked to look at his style that day – very humble of his excellent feat. His team mates played their hearts out to win the game. Just two minutes before the game ended, they were trailing 90-96. They managed to force three turnovers, two steals and scored five baskets; three were made by DUSTIN. Finally, our Tiger Team won by 101-99. 

Liz and I were very excited and we screamed our lungs out for the victory. Dustin then took the microphone from the announcer. He said in front of hundreds of people that before he left high school, he wanted to tell everyone a secret ─ he liked someone, a girl; no body knew and not even his own best friend. Suddenly, the stadium became quiet as all the girls wished that they were the chosen one. I felt anxious at that moment; I just wanted to know who the lucky girl was.

Then, he said, “Amanda Hyde, I do really like you.”

“What! Did he just mention my name?” I asked Liz. I was so shocked and felt like fainting at that moment. I could not believe it. It was just like a dream came true. I suddenly, dreamed that I was wearing a Cinderella gown and hearing the ringing of bells. Ops! Back to the scene, my heart pumped so fast just like it was running at full horse power. Then, everybody in the stadium was staring at me. He then ran towards me and told me that he liked me a lot since the first day I sat foot in this school. I became dumbfounded and my face turned red as all girls were very envious of me. Liz who sat besides me was so shocked that her spell to make Dustin liked me really worked. Liz was just like a cupid of love that had fallen from the sky. Dustin asked me for a date after the event and I just nodded my head showing that I agreed.

Even though, this incident had happened a week ago but it was still fresh in my mind. Believe me, all girls in school stared at me as Dustin always walked with me. We often studied in the library together. Practically, people saw us everywhere. Even, my teachers always cracked jokes about me and Dustin in front of my class. At the end of the year, we were awarded as ‘Loving Couple of The Year’. Liz said she was happy for me that Dustin, my dream guy, really liked me. That incident was the happiest day in my life. I just smiled and said “I had no idea it would end this way! “

even my dad student like my story..originally written by me. before the real exam, I wrote this on my own for my own practice...and used this plot for the continous part for Paper 1 (hahaha I think, I don't remember)


  1. eh. ada ka spm format buat essay macam tu ? hmmm. btw, tsk ? ayah kerja dgn jabatan eh ?

    acane boleh dapat balik essay spm >.<

    btw, yup, best jugak, siap boleh bayang troll face time cakap "I had no idea it would end this way" tuh :D

  2. no la...hafal plot cerita ni...then bawak masuk exam..tak de la dpt baik essaynyer...

  3. giler ar nisa..boleh buat novel n movei(sama macam movie gi2)
    ... ke memang novel...

  4. bkn novel la...hehehe...mmg imaginasi sendiri

  5. nak check grammar tak reti.. i still remember i chose to end my story with "...we said our goodbyes and went to separate ways" on my last SPM..lebih kurg aje kot.. huk3.. btw goodluck^^

  6. dh lama tinggal pun zaman ni...tertiba terkenang..payah nak buat essay yg betul2 dgn jiwa ni

  7. masih ingat lagi paper english ye..
    sy dah lupa terus..

    best la cite yang nisa tulis tu...

  8. saya pon tak ingat camne soalan BI masa SPM dulu...huhu

    PS: apa2 pun karangan cik anisa mmg best..

  9. Smart cara penulisan Anisa :-)
    Baca cerita nie macam baca novel plak...Hehehe...

  10. nape remy dulu takde soalan tu....he3

  11. sebenarnya drpd aritu nak bgtau, muka kamu kat dalam gambar tu betul2 ada iras2 kawan saya..dia pun blogger jugak, dah kawen..tiap kali dtg blog ni, mesti teringat blog dia..hahaha

    p/s: komen ni takde kaitan dgn entry

  12. ni pun setelah di betulkan oleh ayahanda ku...yg katanya, grammatical error yg melampau...huhuhuhuu


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