Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I made my decision | tutorial on how to centre the header

 Hello everyone... Have you already see it??
My blog already change the header, a gift from a friend.
yesterday I told you guys that I might just put at my fb page HERE

it is because....
I have a problem how to center the header,
then miss sammy give the tutorial via my blog (comment), Anisa+ and even my fan page.
how I felt that I cause trouble to her..

simple tutorial from her

1. Dashboard>Design>Edit html>Tick Expand Widget Templates

2. look out for this code :
/* Content

3. copy this code :

.Header img {
margin-$startSide: auto; margin-$endSide: auto;}

4. put at the above  /* Content

5. save

is it helping you? because it is to me.. hehehe..
 so, now I've decide to put at fb page and here too (^_^)


Fendy said...

header baru2....tahniah dah tampal header...nice one!

Anisa Anuar said...

tu la...tq kat sammy...hihihiihi

Remy hazza said...

kan remy cakap header tu comel....... nice look!!!!

Anisa Anuar said...

betul2....caya dah remy cakap aritu

miz ruha said...

yeah... blog nisa dah berheader baru yang comel... ^_^

Anisa Anuar said...

tq miz ruha *blushing*

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