Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breaking Down My Favourite Blog : NOVEMBER

Hye guys.. Now,it's time for Breaking Down Favourite Blog..
I will present to choice for this month and 
I bet some of you already know this blogger..

I really enjoyed read this blog. He's imagination on writing seems like beyond from me.
Simple person. He always help other blogger and he creates his own group..
plus he's TYPO FRIDAY got a hit.. I will try to make one of this typo friday
where you just write anything BUT IGNORE the backspace button.
because it is typo.. so, it is okay to have error..

to Mr. MK, thank you for always drop by to my simple blog.
Keep on writing because you're writing really original..I mean that's who you are..
Never get bored to read your blog..and I'm definitely one of your blog fan..secretly..

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