Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Favourite Quote on Spiderman 3

Hye guys.. I want to share my favourite quote,
when I watch Spiderman 3 lately (marathon movie) I feel so inspire with it

"Whatever comes our way, whatever the battle is raging inside us, 
we always have a choice. My friend harry taught me that.
He chose to be best of himself. It's the choices that make us who we are,
and we can always choose to do what's right" 

-Peter Parker-

for me whether the choice wrong or not, you still need to make a choice
on your own..and that's what I most fear of..
I always ask other to make a choice for me. why?
because I'm afraid to do so...afraid that i might lose everything..
I have to change it...for my own good..

xoxo ANISA


  1. who we are....yah...agree with that

  2. minta pandangan orang lain untuk buat keputusan...

  3. kita ada pilihan...kita ada pandangan org lain..... tapi akhirnya... keputusan tetap kita sendiri yg buat.....

  4. we can't always depend on other people..right, there'll be times when we have to make our own decisions.

  5. eyda jenis cepat buat keputusan n cepat menyesal . salu camtuh >_<

    tapi kptsan kita adlh tggjwb kite . kite yang akan tanggung nnti kan ? :)


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