Saturday, November 03, 2012

I'm a Coffee-Lover

Hello everyone. I am a coffee-lover.
My favourite definitely Latte..never get bored with it..

when my dad said, "good we have 3 generations on coffee lover..
1st generation is your grandpa, 2nd is your mum and last is YOU"

only 3 of us want coffee rather than others want tea.
my dream is to learn how to do this..

I like the girl drawing

I just want to learn this...can someone help me out? *giggle*


  1. waaa keratip gilerr nieh

  2. dila xsuka kopi tapi nak belajar buat latte. kreatif :D

  3. I love coffee tooooooo... Cantik kopi tu..Sayang nk Minum..

  4. PCB suka caramel latte dgn hazelnut latte. pernah try coffe big apple?

  5. saya plak dutch lady coffee lover..hehe

    lain kopi x minum

  6. remy tak suka coffee.... tapi cappuchino memang feberet......


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