Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's the function of this

Hello everyone.. would like to say something and ask you guys 
at the end of the post..

What's the function of this

first, the reactions for like and don't like (use my blog as example)
but not use it.. I mean even not read it because don't know what to comment,
you actually do something to reaction..
to show some reaction, not hard to do anyway..

secondly, Links to this post..
I don't know how to links to this post, should I remove it
or just let it be??

lastly, Email this post (icon of envelope next to '5 comments')
 is there someone use this..

Just want to know is it functioning...
or it just part of 'decoration' for a blog to have..

-to create good blog for better blogging environment-

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