Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anisa's BW-list are Now Open!!

hye guys... It's weekend and if it is publish, this mean it is an autopost..
If you like to join my bw-list (blog-walking list),
please leave your url link at comment down there..
No need to make any post or anything..

It is such an honour for me to put your precious blog in my bw-list..
I can blog-walking on my own without 
'stealing' other blogger bloglist..

I would like to say thank you for your
corporation and time to do so..
don't worry there will be no specific requirement to be in bloglist
example : not following my blog
because I won't mind.. I just want my own bw-list..
maybe I might get 100 blogs link, buahahahaha *evil laugh*

and yeah...the more the merrier..
so, where to check the bloglist later on?
It will be on top of the page of this blog..maybe on Monday..
and if let say, your blog is not on the list, just shoutbox to me
or leave any notes left behind,okay?

one more thing : this promotion only for this weekend..
saturday and sunday only.. specific dateline : sunday 2300 
 I'm happy to look forward for the feedback..
bye guys!! see you soon...can't wait to blog-walking at your blog..

owh hahhahaa...just joking...don't take it seriously

Enjoy your weekend!!

mood : take a break..away from

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