Friday, October 12, 2012

Review Hunger Game Novel

hye guys...just finish read Hunger Game Novel
by Suzanne Collins.
I bought it when use voucher RM200 HERE 
It really takes lot of time to finish it due to time and my laziness

Why I read it? I mean there's Hunger Game Movie right?
I understand more when I read this book than I watch the movie...
I watch the movie at first and later on I read the novel..
I wondered a lot when I watch that movie such as
why they need to impress the sponsor?
do they have to kill one another?  why the Gamemaker fire the forest? 

Katniss Evergreen is a role model to me as she survive through out 
this Hunger Game with her friend that same district, Pete..
I think Rue character like an angel come to safe Katniss..
Rue some sort of hero actually for me..

can't wait to read the second book Catching Fire
and the third book Mocking Jay

love to read this trilogy adventure series

-it's thrilling!!!-

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