Friday, October 12, 2012

Review Real Steel

hye it's reviewing time about Real Steal Steel
I just watch it last night on Fox Movie Premium HD (channel 433) 

here is the poster if you heard about it for the first time..
my rate for this movie 4 out of 5 and for me the interesting part is the plot..
it's about robot boxing and I'm watching with some actions on my own as well..
I was like "take that...and that...yeahhhh!!!" 
I do learn something in this movie... believe on what ever you do..
do it with full of heart...when Max believe his robot, Atom can defeat Zeus..while not Charlie not believe that Max can..
how Max met Atom was one of interesting part's like destiny..
and one thing that always I like to say "hero always been defeated first"

I would like to say out loud, I watched this movie because of Hugh Jackman
I mean yeahhh...he is super awesome on become Wolverin (and handsome too *giggle*)and admit he was awesome in Real Steel too..
I love to watch when the last fight between Atom and Zeus,
that moment of hapiness...when Atom do like Carlie (Hugh Jackman) do which is was mind blowing...
   after awhile watched Real Steel, I was like... "can I have this gigantic robot?"

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