Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stylish Wedding App (iPhone)

Hello everyone.. As I read blog from NuffnangX, I discover this awesome mobile apps just for the whole wedding process.. So, you don't need to do the invitation cards, wedding planner anymore...

Appy Couple with tagline "As Easy As Falling in Love" give a pleasant for the bride and groom to prepare their happiest day of their life. “I thought that those updates should be reserved for the people involved in that event,” said the co-founder Sharmeen Mitha-Sehgal.

What you have to do is choose your theme and fill up a few forms on the website. Then, add some details such as your own story (how both of you met), location of the wedding day, register form (to know whether you are on the list) and you might also know the profiles of all the guests.
The guests who invited need to download the apps so that they can know your latest update, add some photos regarding your preparation and maybe a wish from all your connection.

Over 7000 couples already sign up to use this app since it was launched in April 2012. It still not incomplete as by end of this year, the official version are plan to be launch by Appy Couple.

source from : Wired

p/s : I will be happy if I can use this... and it is friendly user because I tried to use it at Appy Couple website (testing only) I hope not just iPhone can use this...


  1. keputusan di tangan sendiri..jika menarik di hati..pilih je lah

  2. tgk ja lah...xmampu nk pakai..haha

  3. hehehe... =) just want to share...look awesome

  4. Macam2 kemudahan canggih skang ni kn..

  5. I wish i haz an iphone. uwuwuwu

  6. nak beli cases dia pun tak mampu :3 huhuhu

  7. panduan utk semua mempelai.......

  8. haaa...korang pun nak kan...=)

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