Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spread the love (jiwang entry)

hye guys... this is definitely not a song from David Archuletta
but I'm just borrowing his song tittle..sorry for being romantic tonight..
set the mood here...

" Love is in the air.."

To person that I love..
I just hope you will love me of who I am..
After you read this, I'm sure you will definitely smile
because yeah...I'm talking about you..

Love me when I least deserves it, 
because that is when I really need it…
credit to Zulfadli Hilmi

credit to Zulfadli Hilmi

“because being with you makes perfect sense”
― Tim McGraw

That's all from me..spread the love..
xoxo ANISA 

p/s : opss sorry guys for this 'jiwang' mood..
you can use this, if you want to... I give you permission..

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