Thursday, October 04, 2012

music never sleep (lyric cut)

hye everyone...
just want to share something about Music Never Sleep song

"If they try to hold me down
And kick me to the ground
I'll get back up every day every night
My love runs deep and music never sleeps tonight"

this lyric sure motivate me...when I'm giving up on something..
good words to sing the chorus part as always..

"Every second every minute every hour I
Think of how you came right in and change my life
No more running, hiding, chasing someone else's dreams
I'm going harder pushing forward
Now we got no time to sleep"

this is bridge part... you are refer to something that very subjective in this song..
It could be a person...or your spirit for example..
no more running,hiding,chasing someone else dream..
It is all up to yourself, your dream...go for it...

For singer himself...Jason Chen...
he just make his own song through you-tube, make his own vlog..
sing other people song...

enjoy listen to it... 
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