Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The One Thing I Do Everyday

Hello everyone..
The One Thing I Do Everyday,huh??

It would be definitely


That's what I love do best..
Let say if I don't know where else to BW..

1. by 'kidnapping' other blogger bloglists
I should make one on my own..

2. from Facebook group but
I do have problem if I'm BW at the office..
you know why, block FB website.. *sigh*
I just can sign in during lunch hour..

3.look the older post from blog that I always visit

4. search on google for certain topic..
prefer on tips, life-style, inspiring 
gosip?? just pass by it.. most of blog I visit are from Australia, Philippine

5. Use NuffnangX as for me to stalk more other blog


thanks for the comment(s) and enjoy to read more

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