Monday, October 15, 2012

spam is it??

hello everyone...Today is Monday..hope there will be no Monday blue for today..

I would like to questioning  question on something..
is this spam or what??

click it for enlarge the image
I received like this about 20-30 or maybe more 
all are from this anonymous person..
which I feel they are too kind 'give' me this.. 
I begging you, I don't want this anymore..
Please, I'm not interested..and yeah I deleted it all of it..

Do anyone know how to overcome this matter?
I just want to fix this matter so that it won't happen again afterward. 


  1. Kancil paling ndak suka...bikin penuh komen yang entah2...

  2. yeahhh rse stress pun ada,cik kancil

  3. hahaha byknya...sbr ja lah..hahaha

  4. buang je... heheheh... memang macam tu la..

  5. tiap2 hari dah buang...mcm buang kemuncup lekat kaki seluar je rasanya


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