Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My 2 Must-Read Travel Blog (Malaysian Made)

Hello everyone... Right now, I'm in the mood on promoting
travel blog that I always read it..
When I'm read both of this blog, it really make me feel like..
I want to be there..but thanks to both of them,
I feel that I'm already there..with them..

I like when she show around Venice, Italy (click HERE)
and show snowy Dublin HERE
so, I would like to stress out that her post most likely friendly Malaysian
slang...which I like it..so, for those who don't know her yet..
just by click on image to be in her blog..

print screen!!!

currently he update his visit in Korea..
Jeju Island   one of the must visit in Korea..
and one of the hit wonder of the world..
and hey, Gangnam he's been there too HERE

so,do you get it...why I like to read their blog..
you guys show review on them too..
what your favourite travel blog? come share with me..
thanks for your time to read it..


Fendy said...

wahh..bestnyer berjalan ke seluruh dunia....

Anisa Anuar said...

tahu xpe...seronok tengok.. =)
nak pergi tak berkesempatan pulak...

hazwan hairy said...

suka gak tgk blog nabil ni..stdnt oversea ..

Anisa Anuar said...

tahu xpe...ah..student kat jerman... =)

Remy hazza said...

depa byk duit...leh ler jln jauh2....he3.....
remy jln2 cari makan jer.......

Anisa Anuar said...

sbb depa ddk oversea la..tu yg boleh pi jejalan

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