Thursday, October 11, 2012

NuffnangX : stalk blogs more

hye guys... have you heard about NuffnangX??
you can read this blog post to know the launched premier QiuQiu
NuffnangX sort of facebook for blog world..

you can connect with your favourite blogs by following them
and have direct conversation just like in facebook.
so far I use it, the go to certain blog using this NuffnangX
much more convenient and no need to wait the loading matter.. 
one thing that awesome is 
you can download the NuffnangX apps
direct to your cool is that..
if I have smartphone, I'm sure use NuffnangX to do all the blog-walking..

so..what you waiting for...
do follow me on nuffnangX by typing

NuffanangX make blog world more easier to stalk..hehhe..
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