Friday, October 19, 2012

Breaking Down My Favourite Blog : October

hye guys... It's Breaking Down My Favourite Blog for this month..
and the winner goes to

Aesya Zealous

click this header to go to this blog

what I like about this blog is the drawing..
a bit childish but that's the thing make this blog more special than the other..

I follow most of her post and after awhile I will laugh at it..
It remind me of my childhood memory with her cute drawing..
one of her recently post 'Kaulah Kawan Baik Aku!'
the way she make her story with drawings sure make me
want to read more and more..

That will be my review about this cool blog..
check her blog...and I'm proudly presenting OCTOBER blog
for Breaking Down My Favourite Blog..

to Aesya Zealous, keep on doing what you love best
because there is someone who definitely going to read your blog.
That person will be ME (^_^)
  p/s: I was this blog secret admire which now...not a secret anymore

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