Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 love theme songs from n'sync

hello everyone..It's already weekend..what are your plan for today? me? take care of my little brother and sister...and hoping they will go study for their final exams next week.. Today I would like to share n'sync songs...I heard it yesterday in the middle of highway..karaoke in car...sing out loud..That's how I got the idea for the post..

1. This I Promise You - one of the sweetest song that you guys out there can dedicate to someone you love...and I'm sure she will be love it.. 

2. I'll Never Stop - for this song when a guy will never stop to win that girl heart.... the guy won't never stop...good song to express the feeling..

3. I Want You Back - when a guy sorry for what he had done..well...even the music didn't sound romantic,because of the catchy tempo...but still good song to say sorry you know

4. I Drive Myself Crazy - this song when a guy so crazy about a madly crazy over think about it..

5. It's Gonna be Me - the guy want to tell the girl that he definitely is the one for her..

You need a girl to impress for?? whatchu waiting for...this list of songs might help you anyway.. Most of the songs are from the 90s.. I like the 90s songs for the record.. (^_^)


thanks for the comment(s) and enjoy to read more

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