Friday, October 19, 2012

Trending : One Direction insult

Hello everyone... Just now, I go to Yahoo! website for daily routine. Then I saw this trending "One Direction insult" 
ohh dear..what just happen.. you know I'm huge of them 1D , as soon I saw this trending...what's going on.. you can read more by viewing this news.

what do I think? They (1D) might slip their word or say it without any intention. I mean I don't know 1D personalities but they are in centre of attention for worldwide, they must particular about this thing..

For worst, it might be Valen Halen do say bad things so the 1D end up to say harsh words..Did I just look at 1D that way? *supporter* ...I mean hey, if there is a person say bad things to you; you might end up insult that person back,rite? I just hope 1D not really insult Valen Halen like the news was report it..

print screen the tweet


  1. tak kenal ler plak dgn group ni. hehehehehe. katak bwh tempurung nah zie nih kan...hikss

  2. owh...ada jugak yg xkenal...xpe2...nnt kenal yea zie...

  3. 1D...xminat...mungkin sebab dot dot

  4. hehehe...geng dgn wilma..fendy..paham sgt...kot korg minat 1D...tak salah jugak =)

  5. blur...... nampak sangat tak ikut perkembangan... maklumlah 3 hari tak berinternet.....he3


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