Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drama Quote

Hello everyone... Just want to share a quote that I like..
based on To The Beautiful you..

Kang Tae-joon told this to Min Hyeon-jae

after translate... I don't remember which episode when it is mention..
but definitely I think it really make sense...
do you agree with this quote?

I ask Choi Minho for a date... #dreaming
but still no answer from him... lalalalala~~


  1. love this quote :)

  2. Nice quote ^_^
    Thanks for sharing it...

  3. nice word.....
    ada kebenaran....jgn terlalu berfikir.... tapi bertidak dgn fikiran yg waras.....

  4. nice quote...
    tak pernah tengok cite tu..
    nampak cam best aje..

  5. citer ala2 hanakimi...tapi ni versi korea


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